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Welcome to Learning Stages

Mission Statement

To encourage self-esteem, self-confidence and self-understanding.

  • To encourage self-esteem, self-confidence and self-understanding.
  • To provide for self-discovery and learning at each child’s pace.
  • To help children observe, investigate, seek and acquire information and to think positively.
  • To increase independence in meeting and solving problems.
  • To assist each child to acquire learning skills: following directions, independent work, attention span, task completion and impulse control.
  • To encourage each child to reach his/her maximum potential in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.

Dear Parents,

Research tells us that a child’s intellectual development is as great from birth to age four as it is from age four to age eighteen. This means that by the age of four, one-half of a child’s intelligence has already been formed.

The early years are vitally important in a young child’s development. During these years, the young child is learning to learn.  By the time your child enters school, at least five years of education has taken place.

We, at LEARNING STAGES, are prepared to provide loving care and safety practices as we teach your child language, concepts, and social skills that form the essential data for all later learning.

Jane E. Eaton, M. Ed

“After sixteen years in public education, a long awaited dream is now being fulfilled… the opportunity to serve the young pre-school child.”