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Young Toddlers

(15-24 months)

As children grow from early infancy to the toddler stage, their eagerness to learn and move about becomes greater. Our toddler classrooms provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment that focuses on action-based sensory experiences. Small-sized climbing equipment indoors and outdoors enhances gross motor development.

The children are encouraged and supported in their attempt to care for themselves and become independent. They are guided to interact appropriately with other children.

LEARNING STAGES is designed to enhance the children’s social, emotional and intellectual development. These activities include their becoming familiar with books and reading, art, and music experiences.

Our Young Toddler Program includes:

  • Learning centers that  provide meaningful child initiated learning activities
  • Story time to  introduce early literacy
  • Outdoor play and  activities designed to coincide with physical development
  • Daily reports and weekly lesson plans to keep you informed of your child’s development