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Pre Kindergarten

(4 years)

Our Pre Kindergarten Program is the next stop on your child’s way toward elementary learning. Here, learning is driven by student development and creativity. Every child has gifts and talents. Children by nature are curious and eager to learn. Our Pre Kindergarten program provides development of these talents through guidance and interactive activities.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is filled with interactive activities, literature, math, science and theme-based units. Our program’s goal is to help each child succeed to their fullest potential. Our Pre-Kindergarten activities include hands-on small group instruction and independent activities that foster realistic application. The learning stations and curriculum were designed to build children’s comprehension and critical thinking capabilities. Through independent and cooperative learning opportunities, children are able to establish logical thinking patterns, imagination, and creativity into their educational experiences.

Our Pre Kindergarten daily schedule includes class group projects and individual activities that promote independence. Our Circle Time is an essential group learning session where students are introduced to variety of subjects. Our individual and group activities help students apply what they have learned and focus on building individual comprehension.

Our Pre Kindergarten Curriculum includes:

  • Child-directed learning which allows preschoolers to actively initiate learning
  • Math activities that encourage critical thinking, problem solving skills, and cognitive development
  • Science investigations that provide hands on experiences
  • Literacy activities which are age-appropriate and provide reading readiness skills
  • Writing journals provide self expression opportunities and encourages beginning letter formation
  • Small group activities that are planned for cooperative learning opportunities
  • Emotional and social development with peers and teachers
  • Daily creative activities to inspire imaginative creative art and musical play
  • Planned outdoor activities that promote physical fitness and gross motor development
  • Daily Reports that inform parents of children’s daily accomplishments
  • Decision-making skills to support growing minds