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12780 S. Kirkwood Rd
Stafford, TX-77477
Tel: (281) 240-0480
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Our Program

Our genuine passion and advocacy for children, in combination with our strong belief in early child education and development, creates the perfect environment to foster a solid foundation in your child’s path. Our centers’ intimate setting provides an atmosphere filled with the essential components to promote security and confidence in our students. Our highly qualified teachers are dedicated to nurturing each child’s individual characteristics to maximize student strengthens and ability.

We love our students and are dedicated to making them a great success. We understand that the commitment to our belief, of parents as partners is the best way to ensure this effort and establish a successful foundation for future learning. We have an open door policy for parents to come and discuss their needs, ask questions, give suggestions and comments. We encourage parents to support our students by actively participating in daily activities and special school events.

Internet Viewing

We offer innovative technology which allows our parents and family members to observe their child’s classroom and daily activities. Our internet viewing system permits access to parents on a secure network, protected with a private password and username for each individual student. The system allows parents to login and view their child’s classroom on a continuous live stream through your computer. The same cameras are fed to the front desk for additional monitoring by administrative staff.